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Aurelie Bataille
10 King's College Road
Office: SF2112
Toronto Ontario
M5S 3G4 Canada
Office Phone : (416)-978-0314
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First, who am I?

I am French, not French Canadian, from France! I come from Normandy, a beautiful region, even if it is always raining, from the northwest of France. Normandy is known for its cows, apples, cider, calvados (apple liquor), cliffs and of course for D-Day and William the Conqueror. If you have the chance to go to France, I will recommend you that visit Normandy.

In France, I was studying at an engineering school called Supélec, at the campus in Metz, a city in the east of France. I spent 2 years there and I decided to finish my program abroad. So here I am in Toronto. I am now a Master's student in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I started my Master's in September 2002 under the supervision of Sven Dickinson.

My interests

My area of interest is Computer Vision and particularly Object Recognition. I am working for my Master's thesis on view-based 3D-object recognition from 2D images.


I took the following courses at UofT:
*CSC2401 Introduction to Computational Complexity.
*CSC2503 Computational Vision I.
*CSC2514 Human Computer Interaction.
*CSC2105 Software Engineering.
*CSC2509 Data Management Systems.
I also audited the following courses:
*CSC2515 Machine Learning.
*CSC2523 Computational Vision II (seminar course on object recognition.

Teaching Assistantship

I was TA for the following courses at UofT:
*CSC190 Computer Algorithms, Data Structures and Languages in Spring 2003.
*CSC108 Introduction to Computer Programming in Summer 2003 and Fall 2003.
I am currently TA for CSC165 Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science.


I have played the flute for years, but haven't played much lately.....
I discovered to wonderful activities in Toronto:
Salsa dancing, I am taking classes with a really cool club, the University of Toronto Salsa club.
Ultimate frisbee. I am part of the team floppy discs, we are playing this summer in the Thursday night league of the Toronto Ulimate Club.
I am getting addicted to both, salsa and ultimate.
I also discovered here that I really enjoy outdoors activities (hiking, camping, cross country skiing, canoeing,....), and I now need to get away regularly from the city. I will then go back to France with new passions!

My visits and trips in Canada and elsewhere

Some pictures of my life in Toronto