About me

I finished my Bachelors (2003), Masters (2005), and PhD (2010) programs in computer science in UofT. Most of my work was in the area of computer vision under the supervision of Sven Dickinson and Cristian Sminchisescu. I was awarded the 2010 CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award for my PhD work. In addition, I have worked part time for CognoVision (now Intel). In the summer of 2008, I was fortunate to have an internship in Google, Mountainview. Prior to starting my PhD in 2006, I worked in a Waterloo based computer vision company, Tangam Gaming. Currently I am a joint post-doctoral fellow with UofT and Philips Healthcare, sponsored under the Mitacs Elevate program. I currently work on automatic techniques for radiation therapy planning.

Research interests

During my masters I worked on learning generic shape models of objects. While this is an admirable goal, the extraction and grouping of abstract shape features that is necessary for such a task is an open problem. In my PhD, I focused on finding generic object-invariant regularities that would help in tasks such as perceptual grouping, segmentation and generic part detection. My main focus was on closure and symmetry cues. I am also interested in graph cuts, conditional random fields and other tools, applicable in particular for image segmentation. The focus of my post-doctoral work shifted to the analysis of the shape and geometric relations between tumors and vital organs, with the goal of helping to automate radiation therapy planning.

Alex Levinshtein