Papers for presentation in class:

Here is a list of papers that have already been picked by someone:

DART: Directed Automated Random Testing (pdf) (assigned to Geri)

A BDD-Based Model Checker for Recursive Programs (pdf) (assigned to Aws)

Goldilocks: Eciently Computing the Happens-Before Relation Using Locksets (pdf) (assigned to Nicole)

Applications of Craig Interpolants in Model Checking (pdf) (assigned to Zak)

Summarizing Procedures in Concurrent Programs (pdf) (assigned to Jason)

Thread-Modular Model Checking (pdf) (assigned to Mike)

A Type and Effect System for Atomicity (pdf) (assigned to Jonathan)

A Technique of State-Space Search Based on Unfolding (pdf) (assigned to Kaveh)

Velodrome: A Sound and Complete Dynamic Atomicity Checker for Multithreaded Programs (pdf) (assigned to Tomasz)

Software Model Checking: The VeriSoft Approach (pdf) (assigned to Young)

Reasoning about Threads Communicating via Locks (pdf) (assigned to Nastaran)

Dataflow analysis for concurrent programs using datarace detection (pdf) (assigned to Xin)

Here is a list of papers that are still up for grabs:

Linearizability: A Correctness Condition for Concurrent Objects (pdf)