CSC2125F: Topics in Software Engineering

Algorithmic Software Verification

Course Overview Slides (pdf)


Week (1): Introduction (pdf)
Week (2): LTL model checking (pdf)
Week (3): LTL model checking (pdf)
Week (4) : Faraz's talk on Scoop (pdf), and Yuli's talk on CHESS (pdf)
Week (5) : An introduction to CTL and Partial Order Reduction (pdf)
Week (6) : Symbolic Model Checking
Week (7): Research Directions in Concurrency

Student Presentations:

Week (8) - Oct 30: Jonathan on Types for Atomicity (pdf) and Tomasz on Velodrome (pdf)
Week (9) - Nov 6: Mike on Thread-Modular Model Checking, Jason on Summarization,
and Geri on Dart.
Week (10) - Nov 13: Aws on BDD-Based Model Checker (pdf) and Zak on Craig Interpolation.
Week (11) - Nov 20: Kaveh on Unfoldings and Young on Verisoft.
Makeup Session: Nicole on Goldilocks, Monday, Nov 24th at 1:00pm in BA 4290.
Week (12) - Nov 27: Nastaran on Locks and Xin on Concurrent Dataflow Analysis.
Week (13) - Dec 4: Yevgeniy on Linearizability and TBA.


Lectures are held at 12-2pm in BA 4290.

See here for a few guidelines on how to prepare your presentation.