CSC363 at UTM - Computability and Complexity - Fall 2005

Lecture: Monday 11 - 13, SE 1130 Tutorial: (Tut 0101) Friday 13-14, SE 3131 , (Tut 0201) Friday 14-15, SE 3131

Instructor: Avner Magen

Office hours: Monday 15-16 (SB 4062, 905-569-4741).

Tutor: Mihaela Gheorghiu

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The course plan is very similar to the one at St. George Campus. Please regularly check the following information from the main 363 web-site.
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Date Announcement(s)

A4 papers are marked. You can pick them up from my office door, SB 4062.


Information about the exam can be found under the main exam/test page . Notice that other than time and place, the information regarding the exam is the same as for downtown (the exams are not the same but they have an identical structure, and the cover page is the same).


Last-minute correction. For question 2, the input graph does not have to be connected (the handout has been updated to reflect this). Our apologies for the lateness of this correction; however, any solution to the previous version will still work and does not need to be changed.


T2 papers are marked. You can pick them up sometime tomorrow from my office door, SB 4062. Comments and marking scheme to be found HERE


Extension for A4. Due Friday 9/12 in tutorial. No late submissions will be considered. This is strict as the solutions will be posted shortly after the due time.


When you think about the next tutorial exercises, please concentrate on the second question (self reducibility of SAT). The first question is quite hard and Mihaela is likely to spend more time on the second question.


Exam is to be held 14/12, 8AM in CC1140.


Remember. Test2 is this friday, 25/11. It will be done by section, ie at 1310 and at 1410, in the usual tutorial room SB 3131. Clarification about material for the test is HERE


Mihaela will have an office hour on Wednesday 23/11, from 1 to 2 pm, in SB 3093.


Check the main site to see what will be covered in the term test. Notice, however, that since the UTM section lags somewhat after the StG one, there may be more emphasis on the relatively earlier topics than the later ones compared to StG's test.


A small change in a question for A3, Question 3d. Change to "If P=NP, Is it true/false/undetermined whether NP=coNP?".


Exercise questions for this week are Here


EXTENSION!! A3 new due date is Friday 18/11 in the tutorial.


Exercise questions for this week are different than the StG sections. Get it Here


Extension!! A2 due date is changed to Monday, Oct 31, 5pm sahrp. Submission to the course's box.


Clarification about the test: It will be done by section, ie at 1310 and at 1410, in the usual tutorial room SB 3131. Please go the the same tutorial section you went to in the last time.


The graded A1 papers that have not been picked up on Wednesday, can still be picked up from room SB 3093H. They're in a cardboard box on a shelf, to the left as you enter the room.


Mihaela will have an office hour on Wednesday 19/10, from 1 to 2 pm, in SB 3093.


Concerning the class on Friday, 14/10. Notice that it will take place in SB-1143 instead of the normal SB-1130. The tutorial on the following monday will take place in SB-1130 however (instead of SB 3131). Also notice that on Friday we will have a two hour class. For the students who cannot posibly make it to one of the lectures, I will provide a special accommodation. So please let me know if indeed you have a problem with this arrangement.


There will be a swap between lecture and tutorial next week : There will be lectue on Friday 14/10 13-15, and tutorial Monday 17/10 11-13.


Change of tutorial room. Starting next week (on Oct 7) Tutorials (both) will be in SB 3131. As to split between tutorial, regardless of your name, if you have no prefernce please go to the second tutorial.


There will be a small extension to the subnission of A1. You can submit it Tuesday, 4/10, 6PM. Look for the 363 box near room 1153.


Division into sections: People with last name A-K will be in section 101, 13:00-14:00, and last name L-Z in section 201, 14:00-15:00. The two people who let me know of their constraint should go to the tutorial of their choice. I am trying to change the room (so that it will not be a computer lab). Please check the page tomorrow and/or friday morning to see relevant announcements.


Due date of A2 is changed to Friday, Oct 28.


There will be a TA office hour on Fridays 15-16. Mihaela will let you know where next tutorial.


There are now two tutorial sections. I will try to split the class into two equal sized parts. Please drop me a note if you cannot possibly make it to one of the section but can to the other (and which). Please do so asap!


A1 is available. You should already be able to start thinking about Question 1.


Exercises are now available. Try to solve it toward Friday's tutorial.


To remove doubts : there is a tutorial on Friday 16/9, 13:00-14:00


Welcome! As you can see the course has a webpage now. Many of the links are still under construction, but not for long. Our first class is right around the corner, Monday 12/9/05.