University of Toronto - Fall 2011
Department of Computer Science

CSC 384: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Assignment 3
Clarification Page

General Clarifications

Deadline for the assignment has been extended. Please read the announcements page for details.

Question-Specific Clarifications

Question 1
Nov 21: *IMPORTANT* Problem files for the question have been updated. The new versions have declarations for the barge predicate. Please make sure that you are using the new versions (uploaded Nov. 21 at 3:15PM).

Nov 23 : A student has brought it to our attention that although a river predicate is declared in the domain file, it is not required for the solution. That is correct, you do not have to use the river predicate in your encoding.

Question 2
Nov 24: *IMPORTANT* Question 5: Be sure to state the probability in terms of the variables of your network. In other words do not just give a number.

Nov 25: In the problem description, the third paragraph of the section "Buying a used car", starts by saying "John has two resources for making a more informed decision". Note that the decision John is making is whether the car he has chosen is a good deal or not, and John uses both of his resources to help make the best decision.

Dec 1: *IMPORTANT* On page 5 of the assignment (Question 3), CPT for the variable I is given in reverse. The way the table reads is incosistent with other tables and not correct. You should swap i's and b's in the table but keep the numbers the same.
Here is the corrected table:
I i -i
b 0.3 0.7
-b 0.9 0.1