General Marking Scheme

Marking Scheme

MarkWhat you did
5Reason, apply, problem solve, present: Correctly applies ideas to reach a clear, concise, correct, cleanly presented solution. Can reason about ideas presented. Can apply them to different settings. etc. Minor technical flaws allowed. Your explanations/documentation is clear and simple, gets to the point, presents the right few concepts necessary to understand the solution.
4As in 5 but lacks some clarity, not as concise as possible, some minor flaw, not a clean presentation. Documentation/explanation is not focused, does not address key points in any special way.
3 Semantics: Demonstrates correct understanding of basic definitions, ability to correctly apply basic techniques, theorem statements etc. Some major conceptual misunderstanding. Indicators are that fixing the problem would require a long discussion.
2Some major flaw in the understanding of basic definitions, techniques, theorem statements. Examples are: Applies theorems to wrong settings. Does not understand the goal (ie tries to prove the wrong result). Solves the wrong problem.
1Syntax: Ability to restate given definitions, theorems, techniques.

Marking Scheme (Applied to Karate)

MarkWhat you did
5Reason, apply, problem solve, present: Can use the block effectively during kumite (fight).
3 Semantics: Can actually block a punch with knowledge of the type of punch to be thrown and the blocking technique to be used. Can explain different aspects of the block and why they are relevent.
1Syntax: Moves in a fashion similar to the instructor to demonstrate a block.


Percentage Grade GPA Value Grade Definition 90-100 A+ 4.0 85-89 A 4.0 Excellent 80-84 A- 3.7 77-79 B+ 3.3 73-76 B 3.0 Good 70-72 B- 2.7 67-69 C+ 2.3 63-66 C 2.0 Adequate 60-62 C- 1.7 57-59 D+ 1.3 53-56 D 1.0 Marginal 50-52 D- 0.7 0-49 F 0.0 Inadequate