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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 09:29:24 -0400 Guest: Terrence Donovan (tdgd3@ibm.net) Form selections... I think that your pages are Great for promoting the sport! I like everything about your pages! Wow! :-) The following indicates my interest in women's hockey: I am a guy who plays hockey. Message from guest... We know you are swarmed by messages, but if per chance you do read this, we would love to send you a copy of our publication. Your site is very impressive, as was your playing career. My name is Terrence Donovan and I am the Editor-in-chief of Hockey Around the Hub. It is a newsletter that promotes mens and womens hockey in and around Massachusetts. We are now covering the USA Women's Olympic Team as it heads to camp in August to prepare for a historical tournament in Nagano. Though we are "biased" towards Massachusetts hockey, and USA hockey, we would love to do a piece on you, including your career at UNH, and specifically what you did to enter into hockey, and how your career progressed to where you are at present time. We are currently interviewing players such as Stephanie O'Sullivan, Vicki Movessian, and if we can finally meet up, Kelly O'Leary. Though we are a small publication we are a dedicated one. We would greatly appreciate any help you may lend us. Please E-mail me at tdgd3@ibm.net if you would be inclined. Thanks immensely, Terrence Donovan Information about guest, Terrence Donovan (tdgd3@ibm.net)... I am from Somerville, MA USA My team is the Hockey Around the Hub My favourite team is the Boston Bruins

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