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Operating Systems

(Fall 1997)

Welcome to the CSC468 web page for the Fall 1997 session! We hope that this web page will provide you with useful reference information throughout this term.

Please be aware that this is an unofficial web page for this course. This course is primarily a newsgroup-based course. Additional documentation for this course is available from the public CDF directory /u/csc468h/include/ (this link only works when running Netscape from a CDF machine). Most of the links in these web pages will just be symbolic links to files in that directory.

On this web page you'll be able to find the course outline, information and handouts for each assignment, student interim marks, and other information.

Important messages for this course will be posted on the CSC468 newsgroup or on this web page. You can send to the newsgroup or read the newsgroup from this web page.

The instructor for this course, Scott Graham, can be sent an e-mail message by clicking here. Please only send e-mail when you have a question that cannot be answered in the lectures, tutorials, and office hours. If you have a general question that might benefit others in the class, please post it to the newsgroup.

If you're having trouble reading the tables in this page, please see the plain version of this page.

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