CSC108 Tutorials

Tutorial Schedule

Week Of Tutorial Number Tutorial Topics
Sep 14 No tutorial First Week of Classes
Sep 21 T1 Intro, CDF-PC, Java Workshop, Java Example
Sep 28 T2 Looping example, A1 overview
Oct 5 T3 JWS, BufferedReader, Constructing Objects
A1 Due Oct 5
Oct 12 No tutorial Thanksgiving
Oct 19 T4 A1 Questions & Marking, Midterm Review
A2 Due Oct 19
Oct 26 T5 midterm
Test Oct 26
Nov 2 T6 Questions about A3
Nov 9 T7 Discuss A3, review questions
A3 Due Nov 9
Nov 16 T8 Toronto Stock Exchange example
Nov 27 T9 Polymorphism, Inheritance, Pointers
RW117: 10:00 a.m.
EM001: 1:00 p.m.
Note that this tutorial is on Friday, instead of Monday this week. Go to the rooms listed above in green.
Nov 30 T10 Questions about A4
Dec 7 T11 Review for Exam
A4 Due Dec 7

Sample Programs

Here are some programs that were discussed in the tutorials. If you want to test these programs in Java WorkShop, please follow these instructions. First you will need to click on the link for the program below, and then select "File->Save As" in your Netscape browser. You should save the file in a directory (folder) on the H: drive. Then start up Java WorkShop and open up the Project Manager window. Create a project using the name of the class containing the main method. Then use "File->Add->File..." to bring the file you saved from wherever you had stored it on the H: drive.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 8

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