CSC108 Tutorials

Tutorial Schedule

Tutorial Number Week of Monday @10am
Tutorial RW229
Instructor MacDonald
Wednesday @6pm
Tutorial LM155
Instructor Ghali
. Sep 8 No tutorial No tutorial
T1 Sep 15 Intro, Log on, Using VisualAge for Java Covered by another TA
T2 Sep 22 Covered by another TA Simple Java Program, Simple Java Applet
T3 Sep 29 programming style, 3 sample programs Comparisons, nested if, strings
T4 Oct 6 classes, programs, etc
A1 Due Friday
classes, programs, etc
A1 Due Friday
T5 Oct 13 No tutorial - thanksgiving Roll_Call Example
T6 Oct 20 Midterm Midterm
T7 Oct 27 Take Up Midterm & A1, Discuss A3
A2 Due
Sections 7.4 and 7.5
A2 Due
T8 Nov 3 A3 Review, Inheritance Assignment 3 Review
T9 Nov 10 Event-driven GUI
A3 Due
Class Hierarchies, Polymorphism
A3 Due
T10 Nov 17 Recursion, Complexity Mimic class example
T11 Nov 24 Project, Arrays, Tracing Project Overview
T12 Dec 1 Exam Review
Project Due
Exam Review
Project Due

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