Andrew Pelegris

Andrew Pelegris

MSc Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto


I joined the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science as a Master's Student in Fall 2017 as part of the EcoSystem research group, under professor Gennady Pekhimenko. I am interested in many fields of computer science, including neural networks, software engineering, user interface design and graphics.


My research is focused on studying the problem of Deep Neural Network (DNN) training optimization and enabling DNNs to train more efficiently.


TBD: Benchmarking and Analyzing Deep Neural Network Training
Hongyu Zhu, Mohamed Akrout, Bojian Zheng, Andrew Pelegris, Amar Phanishayee, Bianca Schroeder, and Gennady Pekhimenko
arXiv, March 2018