About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Numerical Analysis Group of Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto . My beloved supervisor is Kenneth R. Jackson.

I did my Masters in Electrical Engineering under supervision of Ben Liang at the University of Toronto. My Master was on theoretical study of throughput in multiple access relay channels where links are scheduled to avoid collision. You can find my thesis here.

I earned my B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2008.



You can find a list of my publications and selected talks in here

Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing Group

I joined Numerical Analysis Lab from March 2014 where I am pursuing my PhD. My research interest is in application of neural networks for efficient valuation of large portfolios of unit-linked insurance products.

Computer Systems and Networks Group

I was a member of Computer Networks group from January 2010 till December 2013. My research there was focused on Computer Networks. In particular, I conducted research on ways to improve the access delay of wireless networks.

Wireless Computing Lab (WHIMSIC)

I joined WHIMSIC lab in august 2008, where I pursued my Masters. My research focused on theory and practice of multiple access relay networks. I developed analytical frameworks for the uplink of a multi-source single-destination relayaided wireless system where transmissions are scheduled to avoid collisions.

Electornic Research Institute (ERI)

From September 2006 to August 2008, I was a research assistant in ERI's Speech laboratory. I worked on a variety of subjects pertinent to speech processing under the supervision of Dr. Shahrokh Ghaemmaghami, the Dean of the ERI. These subjects include: 1) Speech recognition methods with the aid of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). 2) Usefull approaches in preparing a good, reliable database. 3) Speech synthesizing methods.

Advanced Communication Research Institute (ACRI)- Multimedia Lab

I started my research activities in Multimedia Lab in August 2007. I was collaborating with M. A. Akhaee, then a Phd candidate at Sharif University of Technology, and supervised by Prof. Farokh Marvasti. Our research covered a wide area of image and audio processing as some of them are listed below: 1) Speech Denoising using Adaptive Filters. 2) Blind, Reversible Audio Watermarking with the aid of OFDM ideas and iterative methods. 3) Image Watermarking.


I am currently offering the following courses.


Introduction to Theory of Computation.

I have a breadth of experience TAing various courses in different departments. Here is a list of courses that I have TA'ed or am TAing at the University of Toronto (St. George/Scarborough campuses).

MMF2021: Numerical Methods for Finance

CSC458/2209: Computer Networks

CSC373: Algorithm Design and Analysis

CSCC73: Algorithm Design and Analysis

CSC358: Introduction to Computer Networks

CSC310: Information Theory

ECE302 Probability and Random Processes

CSC263: Data Structure and Analysis

CSCB63: Design and Analysis of Data Structures

MIE250: Principles of Object Oriented Programming

CSC104: The Why and How of Computing

CSC108: Introduction To Computer Programming

CSC165: Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science

CSC190: Computer Algorithms and Data Structures

MAT186/187: Calculus I/II

MATA33: Calculus for Management II

MATA35: Calculus for the Life Sciences II