I am a PhD candidate at Leiden University working in the field of sustainable production and consumption
Levon Amatuni
"If the neurologist asks a patient who is paralyzed on one side to smile, then only one side of the patient's mouth raises. But when the neurologist cracks a funny joke, then a natural two-sided smile appears"
"John F. Kennedy bought 1,200 of Cuba's finest just before he authorised the United States trade embargo, in 1962."
"Liberty ... is itself the product of regulation ... Only rules can prevent abuses of power." (Emile Durkheim)
Sharing Economy
Life Cycle Analysis
Material Flow Analysis
Computational Social Science

Academic Background
Leiden University: PhD
Industrial Ecology

University of Toronto: MSc
Sustainability Informatics

University of Toronto
Arts & Science Entrepreneurship Program

Moscow State University: MSc
Computational Methods
Case Studies, Surveys
Systems Modelling
Big Data Visualization
Web Design
Mobility Emissions Tool
Allows to compare total life-cycle carbon emissions related to various modes of transportation (based on Chester, 2008 work in the US)
Assessing life-cycle carbon impacts related to B2C car-sharing participation
Toronto, Canada
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