Welcome to the MapOnto Project

MapOnto is a research project aiming at discovering semantic mappings between different data models, e.g, database schemas, conceptual schemas, and ontologies. So far, we have developed tools for discovering semantic mappings between database schemas and ontologies as well as between different database schemas

Inspired by the Clio project, we build the tool to work in an interactive and semi-automatic manner. Starting with a set of simple attribute-to-attribute correspondences, the tool analyzes semantics in the two input data models (e.g., a schema and an ontology, or two schemas), and then generates a set of logical formulas representing a semantic relationship between the two data models. The final list of logical formulas are ordered by the tool with the most "reasonable" mappings between the two models on top. Finally, the user could choose the expected mapping from the list.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a semantic continuum between different schemas and ontologies. Database practices suggest that data semantics amounts to establish and maintain a semantic correspondence from one model/schema to another model/schema. Correspondences form a semantic continuum in which the semantics of each model/schema encapsulated in the mappings to other models. Once the continuum has been established, more complex issues arise, such as mapping composition and query reformulation. These issues are worth investigating in the future, but are beyond the scope of this project.