Journals First Track

We invite authors of recently published journals papers to present their work at ICT4S. Journals first papers should relate to ICT4S and describe original and previously unpublished results that significantly extend (or were not previously reported in) prior work. Papers that are extensions of previous conference papers, or which are minor enhancements or variants of the results presented in the prior work are not eligible.

For a journal paper to be eligible to participate, the paper must be:

  • In scope of the conference, see the full call for participation for possible topics;
  • Accepted in one of the journals listed below;
  • Accepted for publication after May 15, 2016 and before November 29, 2017.

If you would like us to consider a paper published in another journal of equal reputation to those presented in the list on our website, please contact the Program Chair.

List of considered journals:

  • Transactions on Sust Computing
  • Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems
  • Elsevier Technological forecasting and social change
  • Solutions
  • Elsevier J of Systems and Software
  • Geoscientific model development
  • Sustainable Transport Solutions
  • Telematics and Informatics
  • STS
  • Future Generation Computer Systems
  • Telematics and Informatics
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Review
  • IEEE Series on Green Communications and Computing Networks
  • Information Journal
  • Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Journal of Software Evolution and Processes
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • Environmental Modelling and Software
  • IEEE Software
  • International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
  • International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology
  • International Journal of Sustainable Engineering
  • Journal Computer Science Research and Development
  • Journal of Computer Information Systems
  • Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Submissions for the Journals First Track will be via EasyChair at Please select the “Journals First” track when entering your paper details. The deadline for Journals First submissions is Nov 29, 2017.