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The conference site is the beautiful island of Kerkyra, Greece (also known as Corfu). Off the west coast of Greece, it is the northernmost of the Greek Ionian islands. The conference poster shows the main town of Corfu from the air with the Old Fortress (see below) in the distant background, and behind that the mountainous northern coastline of mainland Greece. A lush, green island, Kerkyra features a wealth of history, wonderful cuisine due to the mixture of Greek, Italian, British, French and Russian cultures over the centuries, beautiful beaches, yacht centers, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. An excellent tourist web site can be found here.  (General Information,      History and  Culture,    Events, beaches, attractions......)
Almost all conference activities will take place at the Corfu Holiday Palace shown below.


The conference format is arranged so that you will be able to fully enjoy the pool, beach, restaurants, the town of Corfu, and surrounding areas without missing any of the technical sessions. There, we have use of the main ballroom for the plenary sessions, a conference office, rooms for speaker preparation, for workstations with internet connections, for workshops and tutorials, and for any small informal meetings you might wish to arrange on an impromptu basis.


A block of 200 rooms has been reserved there at extraordinary rates:

Single Room:        $90.00US/night
Double Room:    $110.00US/night
Note that these rates INCLUDE applicable taxes and American buffet breakfast! These rates apply for at least 3 days prior and 3 days after the meeting dates (for those who might wish to stay a little longer!).

The photo to the right was taken from the hotel window, looking down on the private beach and out towards the Ionian Sea facing the mainland, during the recent inspection tour. You can see more pictures of the hotel as well as learn about its amenities by visiting the hotel's web site, here.

The preferred method of making hotel reservations is by direct fax to the hotel. To reserve a room at the hotel, please address your requirements by fax to :

Mr. Byron Tsonakis,
General Manager,
Corfu Holiday Palace
P.O. Box 124, Kanoni,
Corfu 49 100,
FAX: +30-661-45933

Include in your note that you will be attending  "IEEE ICCV'99" in order to receive the above rates.


Conference Banquet

 The only conference activity not at the hotel (weather permitting)  is the conference banquet that we hope to hold in the open air at the Old Fortress in Corfu Town proper.  The photograph at the left shows the fortress on the peninsula that juts out into Corfu harbor.  If you look carefully, you will see an ancient looking. columned building on the right side of the peninsula. This building, that is old but not ancient, is now the church of St. George and stands behind a large open area, the planned banquet site. You can enter the fortress and climb to the top where you are treated to a spectacular panorama of the island and its surroundings. A couple of minutes walk , towards  the lower left corner of the picture, across the treed square in the center of the picture brings  one to  the center of the old town of Corfu; a visit after the banquet would top off the evening. Banquet cost is not yet determined.


Transportation (Information here will be updated as it becomes available)

The conference is held right on the cusp of high and low seasons as far as airlines are concerned. This has the advantage of cheaper flights; it also has the disadvantage that some if not all of the direct flights from European centers to Corfu may not be available.

The only airline that has regular flights to Corfu throughout the year is  Olympic Airlines  and the schedule and pricing may be found at their web site. If you have a choice of connecting to an Olympic Airlines flight to Corfu through Thessaloniki rather than Athens, we recommend you take that option.

Basic information about the Corfu airport:

Airport Name: Ioannis Kapodistrias
Flight Distance from Athens:  381 kms (Great Circle Distance)
Average Flying Time from Athens:  50 minutes
Distance from town center:  3 km

The airport is very close to the hotel; major rental car companies are represented and taxis are not expensive and are easy to find. The walk into the city from the hotel is a pleasant one.

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