Group Affairs
Welcome to the Database Group of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. The group studies a broad array of topics involving the efficient, effective use of large collections of information. Our projects cover both core database systems issues such as query processing and indexing along with new applications such as genetic data management, data mining, and Internet-based information systems.

We have a vibrant graduate program that has produced a long, distinguished set of alumni active in database research and related areas. Our alumni have served on the faculties of major research universities including Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, the University of Maryland and Waterloo, and have led and participated in database research efforts in influential industry research labs including Microsoft, SRI, AT&T Labs, GTE, and IBM.

On June 16, 2005, we suffered the tragic loss of our dear friend and leader, Alberto Mendelzon. A draft of a tribute to Alberto to appear in the SIGMOD Record December 2005 issue: In Memoriam Alberto Oscar Mendelzon.

On October 4, 2005, we suffered a second tragic loss of the wise Ken Sevick. A brief remembrance of Ken.

DB Group News
Congratulations to Ken Sevcik for receiving the 2004 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award.
Congratulations to Marcelo Arenas and Leonid Libkin for receiving a Best Paper Award for PODS 2005 (and 2003)!
Congratulations to Alberto Mendelzon for his election into the Royal Society of Canada (the Canadian National Academy).

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