CSGSBS cookiebreaks

Well-deserved weekly cookiebreaks for starving CS graduate students at the University of Toronto.

Help continue the tradition: Host a cookiebreak! It's delightfully easy and everyone will love you forever!
  1. 1) Email sdrobert@cs and let Sean know which week you want to host.
  2. 2) Puchase $30 of tasty food (pre-made or ingredients to make it yourself) and save your receipts for reimbursement.
  3. 3) Bring food (and receipts) to cookiebreak and be reimbursed on the spot!

2016-2017 [Sean Robertson]

When Who Where What
27 Jan, 4:30pm Alexey Khrabrov BA 5250 Food
20 Jan, 4:30pm Nishant Arora BA 5250 Fries and Chicken McNuggets
13 Jan, 4:30pm Siavash Kazemian BA 5250 Cream puffs
6 Jan, 4:30pm Gagandeep Singh & Muuo Wambua BA 5250 Krispy Kreme... delicious sugary sugar
16 Dec, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Krispy Kreme for the end of term
9 Dec, 4:30pm Juliana De La Vega Fernández BA 5250 ?
2 Dec, 4:30pm Muuo Wambua BA 5250 Krispy Kreme: a cookiebreak oldie goodie
25 Nov, 4:30pm Laura Chen BA 5250 Brownies, cookies, and pastries
18 Nov, 4:30pm Benett Axtell BA 5250 Homemade cinnamon rolls
11 Nov, 4:30pm Gagandeep Singh BA 5250 Goodies
4 Nov, 4:30pm Chloé Pou-Prom BA 5250 A delicious selection of treats
28 Oct, 4:30pm Jiannan Li BA 5250 Delicious food, unknown variety
21 Oct, 4:30pm Nona Naderi BA 5250 Mystery treats
14 Oct, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Krispy Kreeeeeeme
7 Oct, 4:30pm Michael Guerzhoy BA 5250 Almonds, blackberries, walnut balls, and some Portguese patries!
30 Sep, 4:30pm Elaine Malit BA 5250 ?
23 Sep, 4:30pm Paul Vicol BA 5250 ?
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2015-2016 [Aditya Bhargava & Sean Robertson]

26 Aug, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
19 Aug, 4:30pm Jonathan Lung BA 5250 Who knows? Presumably it's edible.
12 Aug, 4:30pm Jonathan BA 5250 ?
5 Aug, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Waffle balls n' honey
29 Jul, 3:00pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Krispy Kreme for combined cookiebreak/CSGSBS general meeting!
22 Jul, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Custard tarts galore
15 Jul, 4:30pm Benett Axtell BA 5250 Awesome homemade cookies!
8 Jul, 4:30pm Patricia Thaine BA 5250 “Healthy” things :/
1 Jul, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Off for Canada Day, but there will be some chips!
24 Jun, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Timbits timbits timbits
17 Jun, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 KRISPY KREEEEMMMMMEEE!
10 Jun, 4:30pm Aditya Bhargava BA 5250 Chocolate chip cookies! That are (somewhat) salted! And also just happen to be (totally) vegan!
3 Jun, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
27 May, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
20 May, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
13 May, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
6 May, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
6 May, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
22 Apr, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
15 Apr, 4:30pm Michael Guerzhoy BA 5250 Stuff from bakeries, including Nova Era and Hodo Kwaja!
8 Apr, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Vegan stuff from Kensington! We're really loosening the purse strings on this one!
1 Apr, 4:30pm Abraham Escalante BA 5250 Krispy Kreme. Can we rename it to krispykremebreak yet?
25 Mar, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week due to statutory holiday.
18 Mar, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 ?
11 Mar, 3:00pm A bunch of people BA 3200 Special cookiebreak for Grad Visit Day!
4 Mar, 4:30pm Nick Spooner SF 3205 Tim Horton's. O Canada!
26 Feb, 4:30pm Jonathan Lung BA 5250 Krispy Kreme, rapidly becoming the cookiebreak staple
19 Feb, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
12 Feb, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Krispy Kreme, because we don't get enough
5 Feb, 4:30pm Amir Hejazi BA 5250 Persian pastries zomg
29 Jan, 4:30pm Nicole Sultanum BA 5250 Krispy Kreme, because ssssuuuuuggggaaarrrrr
22 Jan, 4:30pm Benett Axtell BA 5250 Vegan molasses cookies "and maybe something else too"
15 Jan No cookiebreak this week.
18 Dec, 4:30pm Orion Buske BA 5250 “Something delicious from somewhere”
11 Dec, 4:30pm Krish Perumal YOU‽ BA 5250 ?
4 Dec, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this since the DCS holiday party is on
27 Nov, 4:30pm Mahtab Sabet BA 5250 Cookies and chocolates that also happen to be vegan! Also fruits and veggies, who knows
20 Nov, 4:30pm Francis Deslauriers BA 5250 O Canada, Tim Hortons!
13 Nov, 4:30pm George Amvrosiadis BA 5250 Cookies (&c.) for cookiebreak, because duh
6 Nov, 4:30pm Patricia Thaine BA 5250 Snack Bulk Barn things
30 Oct, 4:30pm Benett Axtell BA 5250 Honey+ginger cookies, brownie bites, and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies!
23 Oct, 4:30pm Michael Guerzhoy BA 5250 Stuff from bakeries, including National, Nova Era, and Hodo Kwaja!
16 Oct, 4:30pm Aditya Bhargava BA 5250 Dessert bars from Costco! Such money savings!
9 Oct, 4:30pm Tom LaMantia BA 5250 Metro cookies, so appropriate for cookiebreak!
2 Oct, 4:30pm No cookiebreak this week to make room for the CSGSBS general meeting
25 Sep, 4:30pm Ivan Vendrov BA 5250 Chinese pastries, a cookiebreak mainstay!
18 Sep, 4:30pm Aditya Bhargava & Sean Robertson BA 5250 Donuts and cookies and even Danish pastries! OH MY!
11 Sep No cookiebreak this week.
4 Sep No cookiebreak this week.

2014-2015 [Aditya Bhargava & Sean Robertson]

28 Aug, 4:00pm Larry Zhang BA 5250 Fine, fantastic Finnish goodies!
21 Aug, 4:00pm Bogdan Simion BA 5250 Misc cookies etc.
14 Aug, 4:00pm Farzaneh Mahdisoltani BA 5250 Persian delights
7 Aug, 4:00pm Jonathan Lung BA 5250 ?
31 Jul, 4:00pm Mazen Al Borno BA 5250 ?
24 Jul, 4:00pm Kaveh Ghasemloo BA 5250 Strawberry cheesecake from Future Bistro
17 Jul, 4:00pm Jessica Perrie BA 5250 Frozen things
10 Jul, 4:00pm Andy Hwang BA 5250 Chips, cookies and brownies
3 Jul, 4:00pm Katie Fraser BA 5250 ?
26 Jun, 4:00pm Daniel Fryer BA 5250 Metro's famous mini donuts, pastries, and (*gasp*) vegetable platter!
19 Jun, 4:00pm Krish Perumal BA 5250 Indian sweets from Ambal Traders!
12 Jun, 4:00pm David Liu BA 5250 The David special: processed goods from Metro. (Actually it was Sobeys this time. What a lie that ended up being.)
5 Jun, 4:00pm Dave Fernig BA 5250 Asian bakery stuff
29 May, 4:00pm Ivan Vendrov BA 5250 In what must be a cookiebreak first, Albanian sweets!
22 May, 4:00pm Daniel Kats BA 5250 Waffle things from Dragon City Mall
15 May, 4:00pm Ioan Stefanovici BA 5250 Truffle Royale cake! COMMENCE THE DROOLZ
8 May, 4:00pm Michael Guerzhoy BA 5250 Walnuts cakes from Hodo Kwaja, plus cookies and fruit and hazelnuts!
24 Apr, 4:00pm Peter McCormick SF 3204 ZOMG Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!1
17 Apr, 4:00pm Christina Christodoulakis BA 5250 Cheese/spinach pies and loukoumades imported all the way from Akropolis Pastries in Danforth!
10 Apr, 4:00pm David Liu BA 5250 “Delicious processed goods from Metro”
3 Apr, 4:00pm None None No cookiebreak due to statutory holiday :\
27 Mar, 4:00pm Mahtab Sabet BA 5250 ?
20 Mar, 4:00pm Orion Buske BA 5250 “Various treats from Nova Era bakery”
13 Mar, 3:00pm Aditya Bhargava & Sean Robertson BA 3200 A super-special cookiebreak for grad visit day!
6 Mar, 4:00pm Larry Zhang BA 5250 OMG! Beijing-style treats, actually from Beijing!
27 Feb, 4:00pm Nona Naderi PT 269 “I can do it in Pratt?!”
20 Feb, 4:00pm Jessica Perrie BA 5250 “I'll think of something after I consult my focus group”
13 Feb, 4:00pm Andy Hwang BA 5250 “Pre-valentines chocolate good times”
6 Feb, 4:00pm Brian Law BA 5250 Nonparadoxical crispy cream, i.e. krispy kreme!
30 Jan, 4:00pm Jonathan Lung BA 5250 An "animal-themed cookie break," whatever that means!
23 Jan, 4:00pm David Liu SF 3204 Cookies and chips, a cookiebreak mainstay!
16 Jan, 4:00pm Michael Guerzhoy BA 5250 Walnut cakes (Hodo Kwaja), cookies (Metro), and hazelnuts/blueberries/blackberries (plants)
19 Dec, 4:30pm Elizabeth Patitsas BA 5250 (Very sweet) goodies from Greektown and bread and dips, oh my!
12 Dec, 4:30pm Jackie Cheung BA 5250 Jackie has returned from beyond graduation for his final cookiebreak!
5 Dec, 4:30pm Patricia Thaine BA 5250 Chips and Chinese sweets from Chinatown
28 Nov, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Sean really likes to be kremed, so he will be spreading the love/kreme to the rest of us!
21 Nov, 4:30pm Shunan Zhao BA 5250 Shunan is tired of all the sugar, so it's time for another chipbreak!
14 Nov, 4:30pm Aditya Bhargava BA 5250 Cookies and pastries from "Front Street Bakery" (i.e., Metro)
7 Nov, 4:30pm Daniel Fryer BA 5250 Tasty pastries from Wanda's!
31 Oct, 4:30pm CUPE 3902 BA 5250 We get to enjoy refreshments and stuff on CUPE 3902's dime!
24 Oct, 4:30pm Ioan Stefanovici BA 5250 "I'm going to bring... something. I don't know." He brought chocolate fudge cake from Harbord Bakery!
17 Oct, 4:30pm Shunan Zhao BA 5250 "Damn. I forgot I agreed to do that." He brought chips and shit!
10 Oct, 4:30pm Sara Sabour BA 5250 Delectable Iranian sweets! Yum.
3 Oct, 4:30pm Anne Keller BA 5250 "There will be baked goods"
26 Sep, 4:30pm Krish Perumal BA 5250 Indian treats of both sweet and savoury persuasions all the way from Ambal Traders!
19 Sep, 4:30pm Sean Robertson BA 5250 Kome kream yourself with Krispy Kreme!
12 Sep, 4:30pm Aditya Bhargava & Sean Robertson BA 5250 A big cookiebreak with cookies etc. to kick off the new semester!
5 Sep, 4pm No cookiebreak this week.

2013-2014 [Orion Buske, Sean Robertson, & Aditya Bhargava]

When Who Where What
29 Aug, 4pm Orion Buske BA Orion is our last-minute hero, running off to Chinatown to get treats for everyone!
22 Aug, 4pm Aditya Bhargava BA Indian sweets—all the way from India this time!
15 Aug, 4pm :'(
8 Aug, 4pm Sean Robertson BA Swiss rolls from Mangia Bakery! Like a leaf on the wind...
1 Aug, 4pm Michael Guerzhoy BA Yeast cake (uh?), walnut cakes, and berries/fruit/cherry tomatoes.
25 Jul, 4pm Michael Guerzhoy BA Berries and walnut cakes from Hodo Kwaja! This cake isn't a lie, I swear!
18 Jul, 4pm Orion Buske BA Flan and cookies! YUM
11 Jul, 4pm Patricia Thaine BA Patricia stepped up to the plate and brought goodies from Ding Dong Bakery in Chinatown!
4 Jul, 4pm Daniel Fryer BA Random goodies from Nova Bakery!
27 Jun, 4pm Aditya Bhargava BA A first for cookiebreak in at least the last three years: Indian sweets, including vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free options!
20 Jun, 4pm Ioan Stefanovici BA Delicious, delicious pies!
13 Jun, 4pm Sean Robertson BA Ridiculously cheap Chinese pastries from Mashion Bakery! FIIIIFFFFAAAAAA!!!!!1
6 Jun, 4pm Aditya Bhargava BA Cookies and banana bread, because it's COOKIEbreak gorram it.
23 May, 4pm Shunan Zhao BA In Shunan's own words: "overpriced gourmet donuts." Delicious!
16 May, 4pm Elizabeth Patitsas BA I've heard tales of the most amazing dark chocolate brownies with ginger-honey icing...
9 May, 4pm Nona Naderi BA Delicious cookies and other snacks to feed the masses!
2 May, 4pm Patricia Thaine & Sean Robertson BA Patricia and Sean save the day!
25 Apr, 3:30pm Orion Buske BA The best almond cookies you've ever had, straight from a secret bakery.
18 Apr, 3:30pm No cookiebreak this week.
10 Apr, 3:30pm Aida Nematzadeh BA Have some cookies over an important discussion about PhD checkpoints!
4 Apr, 3:30pm Jonathan Lung BA Jono saves the day with cookies and crackers!
28 Mar, 3:30pm Jonathan Lung BA Rounding out cookiebreak with delicious hummus, tapenade, and veggies!
21 Mar, 3:30pm Brian Law BA Brian splurged on some incredibly delicious cookies and pies!
14 Mar, 3:30pm YOU‽ ? EMAIL
7 Mar, 4pm Sarah Lavoie BA3200 It's a joint afternoon/cookiebreak for Grad Visit Day! Be sure to stop by!
28 Feb, 3:30pm YOU‽ ? EMAIL
21 Feb, 3:30pm Daniel Levy BA GUACABREAK with chips and guacamole!
14 Feb, 3:30pm Sean Robertson BA A Krispy Kreme donut bonanza!
7 Feb, 3:30pm Patricia Thaine BA Delicious cupcakes and other treats!
31 Jan, 3:30pm Brian Law BA Krispy Kreme!
24 Jan, 3pm CUPE3902 BA Show up for cookies and sandwiches and CUPE-discussion (survey)!
17 Jan, 3:30pm Orion Buske BA Kicking off the new term with treats from who-knows-where!
13 Dec, 3:30pm Jessica David BA Jessica blesses the last cookiebreak of the term with a ghost-baked feast: two delicious kinds of cookies, sweet potato cake, and cocoa brownies
6 Dec, 3pm Orion Buske BA Delicious cookies from Nova Era and hot cocoa with marshmallows!
29 Nov, 3pm Jackie Cheung and Fran Mota BA Portuguese pastries and other treats!
22 Nov, 3pm Andrew Perrault BA Lots of Chinatown tastiness!
15 Nov, 3pm Patricia Thaine BA An epic selection of My Market Bakery goodies!
8 Nov, 3pm Sean Robertson BA "Hand-selected treats from the first place I came across."
1 Nov, 3pm Orion Buske BA Bananas, apples, gingerbread, shortbread, and biscotti, yum!
25 Oct, 3pm Jonathan Lung BA Jono saves the day with Tim Bits!
18 Oct, 3pm Elizabeth Patitsas BA
11 Oct, 3pm Peter O'Donovan BA
4 Oct, 3pm Daniel Fryer SF A wild assortment of tasty cookies!
27 Sept, 3pm Jonathan Lung BA Cookies and various deliciousness!
20 Sept, 3pm Orion Buske BA Fruit and cookies, chips and pastries!
13 Sept, 3pm Orion Buske BA Something befitting a Friday the 13th...

2012-2013 [Orion Buske]

When Who Where What
28 Aug, 3:30pm Jackie Cheung BA "An eclectic variety of sweets representative of exotic locales from around the globe..."
21 Aug, 3:30pm Aditya Bhargava BA Red Velvet Day!!!
14 Aug, 3:30pm Jonathan Lung BA A second installment of amazing cookiebreakness from Jono!
7 Aug, 3:30pm Jonathan Lung BA A smorgasbord of tastiness!
31 Jul, 3:30pm Pat Thaine BA Fruit, pita, hummus, cookies, and more!
24 Jul, 3:30pm Harun Mustafa BA Perhaps some delicious, delicious baklava?
17 Jul, 3:30pm Alex Tough BA It's a surprise!
10 Jul, 3:30pm Pat Thaine BA Walnut cakes, madeleines, and a fruit platter to top it off!
3 Jul, 3:30pm Aditya Bhargava BA Metro treats and some cookies from Bogdan!
26 Jun, 3:30pm Jonathan Deber BA Cookies! And cake! And strawberries!
19 Jun, 3:30pm Orion Buske BA Tons of cookies, pastries, and fruit!
12 Jun, 3:30pm Phoebe Chang BA Cookies and fruit and other tasty things!
5 Jun, 3:30pm Ladislav Rampášek BA Cookies and other Metro goodies!
29 May, 3:30pm Orion Buske BA Cookies, fruit, banana bread, and Portuguese egg tarts!
22 May, 3:30pm Aditya Bhargava BA Whatever he might fancy bringing along. :)
15 May, 3:30pm Ladislav Rampášek BA A bountiful assortment of cookies, augmented with ice cream, fruit, or other things!
8 May, 3:30pm Orion Buske BA Kicking off summer with an assortment of Kensington goodies!
2 May, 4pm No cookiebreak: a week of mourning Jessica's departure.
25 Apr, 4pm Jessica David BA Jessica's final cookiebreak, with a blowout budget! DO NOT MISS!
18 Apr, 4pm Aditya Bhargava BA A Metro smorgasbord!
11 Apr, 4pm Daniel Levy &
Mahsa Sadi
BA Fruit salad galore!
4 Apr, 4pm Jonathan Lung BA Even more delicious treats care of Jono!
28 Mar, 4pm Jonathan Lung BA Jono steps in and saves the day!
21 Mar, 4pm Jackie Cheung SF DURIAN and cookies!!!
14 Mar, 4pm Jessica David BA Dozens of homemade pop tarts in celebration of pi day!
7 Mar, 4pm Orion Buske BA Ice cream delightfulness!
28 Feb, 4pm Daniel Levy BA Delicious and healthy parfaits! Mmmmm!
21 Feb, 4pm Cookiebreak is on a break for reading week!
14 Feb, 4pm Nirvana Nursimulu BA Cookies, pretzels, danishes, and more!
7 Feb, 4pm Velian Pandeliev BA Marvelous homemade gluten-free Brazilian cheese rolls, shortbread, and dried fruit!
31 Jan, 4pm Jessica David BA Dun dun duuuuun! Jessica is back!
24 Jan, 4pm Orion Buske BA Some last-minute goodies from Chinatown.
17 Jan, 4pm Orion Buske BA A Harbord Bakery smorgasbord!
7 Dec, 5pm Aditya Bhargava BA Aditya to the rescue once again!
30 Nov, 5pm Aditya Bhargava BA Metro goodies!
23 Nov, 5pm Elizabeth Patitsas BA Homemade baklava from scratch. Do. not. miss.
16 Nov, 5pm Peter O'Donovan BA Treats from Kensington!
9 Nov, 5pm Daniel Fryer SF For Daniel to know, and you to come and find out! Mwah ha haaaaaa!
2 Nov, 5pm Aditya Bhargava BA "Chewbacca's chocolate chip cookies." (I have no idea, but they were tasty!)
26 Oct, 5pm Orion Buske SF Fruit and cookies, together at last!
19 Oct, 5pm Mazen Al Borno BA Tim Horton's treats!
12 Oct, 5pm Wesley May BA Kensington goodies, hooray, hooray!
5 Oct, 5pm Aditya Bhargava BA Cookies and candies, oh my!
28 Sept, 5pm Orion Buske BA A cake, a cheesecake, a loaf of banana bread, and some cookies!
21 Sept, 5pm Orion Buske BA Tasty delicacies from both sides of Spadina!

2011-2012 [Orion Buske]

When Who Where What Attendance
7 Sept, 4pm Coco Wang BA Moon cakes to celebrate the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival!
31 Aug, 4pm Jackie Cheung SF Magically un-canceled, thanks to Jackie!
24 Aug, 4pm Jessica David BA Shhhhhh, it's a secret...
17 Aug, 4pm Nilgun Donmez SF Surprises! I love surprises!
10 Aug, 4pm Wesley May BA Treats pulled from the depths of Kensington!
3 Aug, 4pm Jonathan Lung BA Jono saves the day with some last-minute cookies!
27 Jul, 4pm Peter O'Donovan BA Mmmm, sweets from the Kensington Bakery!
20 Jul, 4pm Lee Zamparo BA Homemade orange polenta sandwich cookies with chocolate ganache filling!
13 Jul, 4pm Dustin Wehr SF Unknown surprise!
6 Jul, 4pm Marek Janicki BA Homemade banana bread, "because the bananas demand it"!
29 Jun, 4pm Wesley May BA Cookies and related deliciousness from My Market Bakery!
22 Jun, 4pm Elizabeth Patitsas BA Homemade pie!
15 Jun, 4pm Alicia Grubb SE Lab Last-minute watermelon!
8 Jun, 4pm Orion Buske BA Tim Horton's donuts and cookies!
1 Jun, 4pm No one. :( Cancelled.
25 May, 4pm Mazen Al Borno BA It's a secret!
18 May, 4pm Katie Fraser SF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11--15
4 May, 4pm Wesley May BA Homemade cranberry tarts. YUM!
27 Apr, 4pm Elizabeth Patitsas BA Homemade cranberry pie, with ice cream, whipped cream, and dark chocolate!
20 Apr, 4pm Wesley May BA Something salty. Something sweet. Something bitter. Come and eat!
13 Apr, 4pm Jessica David BA Some raspberry, some peach, some blueberry, ALL the butter oh my goodness!
6 Apr, 4pm Wesley May BA An assortment of tasty homemade brownies! Om nom nom!
30 Mar, 4pm Orion Buske SF Nanaimo bars, apples, oranges, and an apple loaf.
23 Mar, 4pm Oles Zhulyn BA Tim Horton's doughnuts! 20+
16 Mar, 4pm 4+ volunteers BA* Grad Visit Day (we'll bake ALL the things)! *In the great hall, not 5250 90+
9 Mar, 4pm Coco Wang BA Freshly-fried, amazingly-tasty sesame balls! 20+
2 Mar, 4pm Serge Gorbunov SF Come for a belated celebration of Maslenitsa, complete with homemade bliny! 25+
24 Feb, 4pm Jessica David BA Homemade snickerdoodles, vegan cookies, and bacon chocolate cookies! 30+
17 Feb, 4pm Oles Zhulyn SF Sweet and tasty Chinese baked goods from Ding Dong bakery!
10 Feb, 4pm Natasha Prokoshyna BA Cookies straight from Greek Town! ?
3 Feb, 4pm Cookiebreak cancelled: no volunteer.
27 Jan, 4pm Orion Buske BA Lots of fruit and baked goods and more do-it-yourself cocoa! 25+
20 Jan, 4pm Orion Buske BA The first cookiebreak of the term, with cocoa, cookies, and more! 25+
16 Dec, 4pm Coco Wang BA Come celebrate the last cookiebreak of the term with homemade SUSHI! 20+
9 Dec, 4pm Jessica David BA Homemade vegan cupcake deliciousness, scones, and unknowns! 40+
2 Dec, 4pm Aditya Bhargava SF Scones! Scones! Scones! 22
25 Nov, 4pm Joanna Drummond BA Homebaked cookies and brownies! Oh my goodness! ~30
18 Nov, 3:30pm Coco Wang SF Delicious Saqima, a Chinese pastry, and some homemade shrimp and onion pankcakes! 17
11 Nov, 4pm Jackie Cheung SF Durian, egg puffs, and cookies! Never had durian? Don't miss this! Had durian? Watch people try durian! 24
4 Nov, 4pm Orion Buske BA Fruit and baked goods pulled from the depths of Kensington. 30+
28 Oct, 4pm Ben Reilly BA Home-baked chocolate chip cookies, banana chip muffins, and bran muffins! ~30
21 Oct, 4pm Dave Kordalewski BA Five glorious pounds of BBQ pork from European Meat Market, with cheese and crackers and candy to boot. 32
14 Oct, 4pm Jessica David BA Oh my goodness drunk banana bread, apple cake, cinnamon crumb cake, banana mocha marble cake, and orange pumpkin loaf. 29+
7 Oct, 4pm Orion Buske BA Honey cake, (sober) banana bread, danishes, and french longans. 32+
30 Sept, 4pm Dave Kordalewski BA Pastéis de nata from the Brazil Bakery out Dundas West! 41+
23 Sept, 4pm Joanna Drummond SF Home-baked cookies! And foosball! And a map! 30+
16 Sept, 4pm Nilgun Donmez BA Homemade oatmeal cookies and pastries from a Portuguese bakery. 42+
8 Sept, 4pm Jessica David BA Grad Orientation Cookie Break! Homemade scones and fruit! 50+
1 Sept, 4pm Jessica David BA Cookies, blintzes, and peach pie from Harbord Bakery. 14
25 Aug, 4pm Orion Buske BA Plum custard pie from Wanda's, and a few pastries from Cobs. 14
18 Aug, 4pm Orion Buske BA Fruit pie, apple loaf, and cheese blintzes from Harbord Bakery. 9
11 Aug, 4pm Daniel Fryer BA Cookies and muffins and croissants. 12
5 Aug, 3:30pm Orion Buske BA Walnut cakes from Hodo Kwaja, melon popsicles and mochi from P.A.T..
12 Jul, 5pm Michael Guerzhoy BA Honey cake and a smorgasbord of cookies.
7 Jul, 4pm Nosayba El-Sayed BA Arabic-style coffee, with cookies and pastries from Paramount Fine Foods.
29 Jun, 4pm Jessica David BA Scones, homemade oreos, fortune cookies (Velian), blueberries (Orion).

2010-2011 [Yuval Filmus]

Mar. 14, 2011 at 1:59LevBAPies
Mar. 3, 2011 at 6:00DustinBAMostly from seemingly-small and/or somewhat-local bakeries
Feb. 23, 2011 at 4:30GiovannaSFVegan and gluten-free options as well as the normal unhealthy stuff
Feb. 17, 2011 at 4:30AtalayBAFuture cake
Feb. 10, 2011 at 4:00KavehBAChocolate cake
Feb. 3, 2011 at 4:30Yu and LeiSFChinese cookies and pineapple/coconut shortcakes
Dec. 2, 2010 at 5:30KavehSFCakes from Future Bakery
Nov. 17, 2010 at 3:30LeiSFQuiche, garlic knots, nutella cookies, thumbprint cookies, kahlúa brownies
Nov. 12, 2010 at 3:00OrionSFTasty goodies
Nov. 5, 2010 at 3:30YuvalSFBathurst bakery pastries
Oct. 29, 2010 at 3:30OrionBAWalnut cakes, cookies and oranges
Oct. 22, 2010 at 3:30YuvalSFHomegrown apples
Oct. 14, 2010 at 3:30OrionSFKoreatown walnut cakes and home-baked pumpkin cookies
Oct. 6, 2010 at 5:00YuvalSFDufflet pastries
Oct. 1, 2010 at 4:00DanielBACookies, mini-muffins, mini-danishes, and mini-croissants
Sep. 15, 2010 at 5:00YuvalBAMuffins from Bathurst subway station bakery
Sep. 10, 2010 at 4:30GiovannaSFHomebaked goodies
Sep. 2, 2010 at 4:30YuvalSFBathurst subway station bakery
Aug. 26, 2010 at 5:00YuvalSFBathurst subway station bakery
Aug. 18, 2010 at 4:00YuvalSFBathurst subway station bakery
Aug. 12, 2010 at 4:30JocelynBALemon poppy cake, two-bite brownies, chocolate chip cookies, etc.
Aug. 5, 2010 at 5:00JocelynBAGourmet Metro cookies
Jul 22, 2010 at 4:30YuvalPTBathurst subway station bakery
Jul 14, 2010 at 4:30YuvalSFFilipino sweets from Bathurst and Wilson
Jul 8, 2010 at 5:00AbayomiBAFruits

2009-2010 [Michael Guerzhoy]

When Who
Jul 8Abayomi
Jun 15m
May 27Abayomi
May 20No cookie break -- go eat cookies at TIC2010 instead
May 6m
Apr 28Golnaz, Yulia
Apr 21Giovanna
Apr 14m
Apr 8Jono
Apr 1m
Mar 25Jackie, Lei, Yu
Mar 18m
Mar 11m
Mar 4m
Feb 25m
Feb 18Giovanna
Feb 11m
Feb 4m
Jan 28m
Jan 21Daniel
Jan 14Lei
Jan 7m
Dec 17Torsten
Dec 8Giovanna
Dec 3Jackie
Nov 26Robert
Nov 19Yuval
Nov 12Jono
Nov 5m
Oct 29m
Oct 22Jackie
Oct 15m
Oct 8m
Oct 1Yulia
Sept 24Natan
Sept 17Mike M.
Sept 10Alicia
Sept 2m
Aug 26Jackie
Aug 19Kaveh
Aug 12m
Aug 5m
Jul 29m
Jul 22Giovanna
Jul 15Aran
Jul 8Aran
Jun 30m
Jun 24Jono
Jun 17Aran
Jun 10m
Jun 3m
May 27Michael
May 20Michael
May 13Jackie
May 6Jocelyn
Apr 29Giovanna
Apr 22Michael
Apr 15Michael
Apr 8Marek
Apr 1Giovanna

2008-2009 [Vivek Lakshmanan]

When Who Where
Apr 2 at 5:30PMMichaelBA Grad Lounge
Mar 26 at 5:30PMVivekBA Grad Lounge
Mar 19 at 5:30PMElhamBA Grad. lounge
Mar 12 at 5:30 PMVivek BA Grad Lounge
Mar 5 at 5:30PMVivekBA Grad Lounge
Feb 27 at 5:00PMCookie Master (Oktie)BA Grad Lounge

2007-2008 [Oktie Hassanzadeh]

Feb 27 at 5:00pmCookie MasterBA Grad Lounge
Feb 20 at 4:30pmMoBA Grad Lounge
Feb 13 at 4:30pmElhamBA Grad Lounge
Feb 6 at 4:30pmTinaBA Grad Lounge
Jan 30No cookie break due to research skills seminar-
Jan 23 at 4:30pmMichaelBA Grad Lounge
Jan 16 at 4:30pmCookie MasterBA Grad Lounge
Jan 9 at 4:30pmCookie MasterBA Grad Lounge

2006-2007 [Wojciech Golab]

Sadly, it is here that the trail runs dry…