CSGSBS @ UofT | About Us

We are the Computer Science Graduate Students’ Benevolent Society (CSGSBS), representing graduate students studying computer science at the University of Toronto. In addition to serving as your liaison, we also organize events such as cookie breaks and games/pub nights. Join us on Discord <3

-CSGSBS ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ


Executive Council

Role (+ex officio) Holder Username/Email
Protector of the Realm (President) Robert (Rupert) Wu rupert@
Master of the Coin (Treasurer) Yuju (Jett) Lee yujulee@
Ambassador to the Union (GSU Representative) Marina Tawfik marinat@
Workers’ Union Delegate (CUPE3902 Representative) Yuemeng (Shirley) Wang shirleywang@
Provider of the Chip (Cookie Break Coordinator) Balagopal Unnikrishnan balu@
Dungeon Master (Games Coordinator) Bohdan (Bogdan) Pikula pikula@
Pop Master (Snack Procurer) Ziyang Jin ziyang@
MScAC Liaison* (vacant; email csgsbs@) csgsbs@

* non-voting member(s)

Foreign Ministry - Delegates to the Department of Computer Science

  • Ambassadors to the Graduate Affairs Committee (2)*
    • Claas A. Voelcker - cvoelcker@
    • David Glukhov - dglukhov@
    • (vacant; email csgsbs@ if you’re interested!)
  • Ambassadors to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee (2)*
    • (vacant)
    • (vacant)
  • Assistants to Women in Computer Science (DCSwomen)*
    • (vacant)

* non-voting member(s)