University of Toronto
Department of Computer Science

2000 Colloquia Series

A Series of Distinguished Lectures on Computer Science:
Its Theory, Practice, Applications and Implications

The lectures are free and open to all. Unless otherwise indicated, all lectures take place on Tuesdays from 11:10 a.m. to noon in Sandford Fleming (SF) 1105, 10 King's College Road. Refreshments will be served outside of the lecture room at 11:00. For abstracts:

September 19, 2000
Joseph Hellerstein
University of California, Berkeley
Adaptive Dataflow: Eddies and Rivers

October 17, 2000
Richard Karp
University of California, Berkeley
Algorithms for Congestion Control, Data Distribution and Multicast on the Internet

October 24, 2000
Geoffrey E. Hinton
University College London
Products of Experts

October 31, 2000
Prabhakar Raghavan
Networks and Sub-Networks in the World-Wide Web

November 7, 2000
Hector Garcia-Molina
Stanford University
How to Crawl the Web

November 14, 2000
Axel van Lamsweerde
Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Building Formal Models for Software Requirements

November 21, 2000
James Lester
North Carolina State University
Intelligent Multimedia Systems for Knowledge-Based Learning Environments

November 28, 2000
Justine Cassell
Conversational Agents Embodied and Embedded in the World:
Integrating Visible Humans and Invisible Computers

December 1, 2000
Margo Seltzer
Harvard University
Operating System Extensibility to Improve Application Performance and Functionality

January 16, 2001
Ronald Baecker
University of Toronto
Software Visualization for Programmers and Users

January 18, 2001
Peter Winkler
Bell Labs
Games People Don't Play

January 25, 2001
Margaret Wright
Bell Labs
What's (Genuinely) New in Constrained Optimization

February 8, 2001
Michael P. Wellman
University of Michigan
Computational Markets, Decentralized Scheduling, and Trading Agents

March 8, 2001
Jim Snyder
AT&T Research
MPEG Advanced Audio Coder: An Overview

March 13th, 2001
Barbara Liskov
Persistent Object Repositories in Distributed Systems

April 12, 2001
Garth Gibson
Carnegie Mellon University
Network Storage Architecture

May 8, 2001
John McCarthy
Stanford University
The Path To Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

May 14, 2001
Frederick Brooks
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Is There Any Real Virtue in Virtual Reality?

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