The XPL Programming Language

Cover: "A Compiler Generator" The XPL programming language is a derivative of PL/I designed for compiler writing. XPL was first announced at the 1968 FJCC in San Francisco, CA. (See McKeeman, Horning, Nelson and Wortman below.)

XPL is the name of both the programming language and the compiler generator system (or TWS: translator writing system) based on the language.

The definitive description of XPL is the book A Compiler Generator by William M. McKeeman, James J. Horning, and David B. Wortman (ISBN 13-155077-2) ("The Orange Peril") - see Table of Contents.

A number of languages are based on XPL, including the PL/M family and Hal/S. [MORE]

XPL is not any of the following:

  • A scripting language for the Note Bene word processor.
  • A MIDI programming language for Amiga.
  • A language called eXtensible Programming Language.
  • A Pascal-like language named XPL0.

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